6 Courses That Will Change The Way You Teach

1. Certified Personal Trainer All-inclusive Program

A single course that will give you the ability to pass on knowledge to others, this all-inclusive program is divided into 6 different sections dedicated to various important areas. Included in the program are learning videos, 3D models, audio chapter summaries, virtual coaching specialization, and much more.

2. Corrective Exercise Specialization

Imbalances, dysfunctions, and various lack of coordination are common for every human being. This self-study program will help you learn how these issues occur as well as how they can be fixed while helping you understand that every person is different. You’ll know how to personalize exercises depending on the issues that your client is experiencing.

3. Nasm Certified Nutrition Coach

Proper exercise is one half of a healthy lifestyle – proper nutrition is the other half. The course goes over all of the important factors regarding food and its impact on a person’s well-being by teaching you how proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and other important biomolecules work. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to craft diet plans for each individual to maximize their performance.

4. Performance Enhancement Specialization

Getting the most out of a human body requires extensive knowledge. This course goes from anatomy and physiology to sports nutrition and psychology to prepare you for this comprehensive teaching task. You’ll learn hands-on from examples and receive various bonus content to maximize your proficiency.

5. Behavior Change Specialization

Impacting your clients’ minds and self-esteem is a crucial step toward bringing the most out of them. The behavior change program helps you identify motivational triggers as well as recognize certain barriers that prevent them from making further progress – all to give you the tools so they can overcome them.

6. Group Fitness Certification

Working in groups is somewhat different from individual teaching. This certification will complete your abilities by giving you guidelines on what to look out for in group training, and how to plan the sessions according to both your and your client’s goals.