Exercise Tools For Home

Believe it or not, you can train from home having simple exercise tools with which you can do different exercises that will be beneficial in meeting your goals, here we tell you about tools that will help you improve:

Elastics with different tensions

This quintessential basic is good for performing a large number of exercises in muscle groups to do strength routines. You can perform horizontal or vertical thrusts, the classic presses, to train chest and shoulder, and do rowing pulls of all kinds. This tool is very complete more complete.


Both to train comfortably or to perform warm-ups or exercises on the floor are the best tool, a good mat is essential.

Russian weights

Squats are good for training but squat or deadlift exercises are the best exercises for a complete workout, and adding a kettlebell or kettlebell is ideal to put more intensity on these types of basic exercises.

Dumbbell set

Dumbbells are the basic tool that we must have at home to perform workouts every day, in addition to that you can work weight in a full way when you can not go to the gym. They are perfect for all kinds of exercises, such as “one-handed rows or vertical thrusts like the military press, it would be good to buy a kit of dumbbells that come lined with good quality material, such as neoprene and have a textured surface.

Suspension ropes

This tool is very simple to use, and it will help you stretch before training and you can also perform exercises and improve the flexibility of your legs, you can work on balance and your range of motion in various postures. They are easily installed by anchoring to the frame of any door, and they are also suitable for training loads that do not exceed 500 kilograms.