Recipe After Doing Exercise: The Ideal Post-workout Meal

Training and proper nutrition are the foundation of a healthy body. Exercise and nutrition complement each other perfectly to create a lean, athletic and toned body. After a training session it is necessary to recover the nutrients that were spent during the sports practice. A good RECIPE AFTER DOING EXERCISE helps the body get stronger and also helps you reach your fitness goals faster.

Below, choose the post-workout recipe that best suits your preferences.

-SUSHI: prepare a basic salmon sushi and add brown rice. Complement this menu with a tomato and cucumber salad. This post-workout recipe is delicious and provides you with the nutrients you need to stay strong.

-PROTEIN SALAD: prepare a salad mixing chickpeas, brown rice, egg and tuna. This preparation contains proteins, legumes and cereals that guarantee a deep satiety.

-LENTIL SALAD: first you must cook the lentils. Then you add brown rice, eggs, tomatoes and avocados. This salad provides you with vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.

-NUTRITIOUS GREEK YOGURT: choose the creamiest Greek yogurt, add cereals and strawberries. This dairy dessert does not produce acid, since Greek yogurt is lactose-free.

-RED BERRIES SMOOTHIE WITH FLAX SEEDS: mix plain yogurt with frozen red berries, a frozen banana, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Then blend the whole mixture and add ground seeds at the end.

-GRANOLA: prepare a bowl of granola mixing quinoa, whole oats, seeds, nuts and a little coconut oil. At the end, add cinnamon to garnish the mixture you have just prepared.

-POTATO AND TUNA SNACKS: this simple dish provides you with the protein and carbohydrates you need to recover after training.

-POTATO AND BLACK BEAN SALAD: this delicious salad provides minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins that strengthen the immune system.


Your RECIPE AFTER DOING EXERCISE must contain the nutrients you need to reach the goals you set for yourself as an athlete.